The “Future of the Workplace” summary

This is a weekly compilation of interesting links concerning Future of the workplace posts I found on the internet. Read More →

The one about Pisa


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Wir bekommen heute zu lesen, dass deutsche Schüler endlich im Pisa-Vergleich wieder aufholen. Das Land atmet auf, das Fortbestehen ist gesichert. Die Verlierer der letzten Studie sind vergessen und es zählen nur noch die Helden und Heldinnen von heute. Wichtig dabei, dass die guten Kerndisziplinen hauptsächlich naturwissenschaftliche sind. Read More →

The one about trust

Trust has always been incredibly valuable for doing business. The more people trust you the more likely you will be successful. In recent days businesses or governments or individuals would send their messages and we as the receiver had to digest it. There was little public to do that. We could issue comments in newspapers or discuss it with friends but it would always be a kind of small community that would take notice. The power was usually with the sender. Read More →



We collect loose change. Although we try to spend it, coins sometimes end up sitting in our wallets. We have some nice saving boxes that like receiving coins. Twice a year we open our saving boxes and count the money. In Germany banks will give you funny coloured sheets of paper to roll up a defined number of coins. Each roll then holds coins of a defined value. I remember that we loved to do that when we were little. My mum saved all the money and my sister and I spent hours rolling it up. Those were the good old day.

So we did that last night and ended up with 12 rolls of different values plus two handfuls of loose change which didn’t make an entire roll. It was my task to take it to the bank today, give it to them and ask them to credit it to our account. Read More →

The one about running

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On 08 August 2012 I started my running program. The actual reason was that I found that the app 10K Runner went free on the app store. They promise that they will take you from no running at all to 10 kilometers in just 8 weeks! I will soon publish a review of the app if you are interested.

So I started my first exercise on 08 August in the evening. I was shy and took the treadmill rather than running outside. As the app told me I walked and ran and walked and ran. I didn’t track the first exercises but I remember that I thought that was too easy. Little did I know. Read More →

The one about Hans Zimmer

Well, actually this one is not about Hans Zimmer. I just felt a little bit like him .. well, not really….

I discovered that I still have Garageband on my iPad. I tried to find some background music (free!!) for a webcast I am preparing for work. Since all the free (!!) background music on the internet costs money I wondered if I could put together some samples with Garageband. I had done that before, it was fun and the result was interesting. Read More →

The one about the three TED talks

You know TED talks, don’t you? There are TED conferences all over the world where clever people talk about clever things and ideas to other clever people. Sounds like a clever thing, doesn’t it.

Well, since you and me are probably not clever enough to join a live conference TED is friendly enough to publish many of their talks on their website. The talks are not very long. Usually they take up to 15 minutes. But many of them are very inspiring and/or surprising and lead you to some different thinking.

I want to share three of the most impressing and inspiring talks I have heard so far. Let me share more of them as I find them in the future. Read More →

The one about the future of companies

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I have been developing a thought for some time. Let me share it with you and let me hear what you think about it.

It all began when I read a study called “Future Workplace” (“An examination of socio-technical influences on the workplace of tomorrow” available in German only). It investigates how workplaces could develop, what they will require and what changes we might see. It is a imaginary look into the future, not base-less though but with past developments in mind. The study states that people in the future will cooperate in closely connected environments (regardless of the physical location) and the borders of organization or companies will become blurred as a result. (We call that social business today). Read More →

The one about the ClamCase

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When I saw a project on Kickstarter I immediately fell in love with it: The Brydge. It will give your iPad a proper shell and a keyboard making it almost a notebook. Since I do type a lot on the iPad – well, I would like to but I hate the screen keyboard and therefore I still use my MacBook for typing more than my tablet – I was looking for a keyboard solution that would also give me the flexibility to hold the iPad while sitting on a plane or train. So the pure Apple aluminium keyboard solution wouldn’t work – and the Brydge looked tempting. Read More →

The one about love

heart on beach

Jenny and I had our wedding anniversary yesterday and in the evening we sat on the sofa and browsed through the picture book of our civil ceremony in 2010. Jenny’s uncle Christopher read a text during the ceremony and we had this text printed at the end of the picture book. It does gon nicely with my recent post about sharing – I think.

What is Love?

(by Walter Rinder)

Love is not just looking at each other
and saying “You’re wonderful”.
There are times when we are anything but wonderful.
Love is looking out in the same direction.
It is linking our strength to pull a common load.
It is pushing together towards the far horizons, hand in hand.
Love is knowing that when our strength falters,
we can borrow the strength of someone who cares.
Love is a strange awareness that our sorrow will be shared
and made lighter by sharing;
that joys will be enriched and multiplied by the joy of another.
Love is knowing someone else cares
that we are not alone in life.

Pretty nice, isn’t it?